‘Will Boris Johnson be the next Prime Minister – No’, City AM, 19 September 2017

Boris Johnson is a classicist. So was Machiavelli. And I’d say it was the Renaissance special adviser, rather than some ancient Greek or Roman, who provides the better clue to the foreign secretary’s behaviour in the last few days.

Rather than making it more difficult for Theresa May to sack him, Boris might actually be trying to force her hand, thus leaving him free, when the Brexit brown stuff finally hits the fan, to say “I told you so”, and thereby claim his princely inheritance.

Except that it’s not his inheritance any more. Boris’s time was straight after the EU referendum, and he blew it. He simply didn’t have the parliamentary numbers to make it through to the final round decided on by grassroots members.

Since then, even they seem a little less keen. And there’s no evidence that Boris has persuaded more colleagues at Westminster to back him either.

Nil desperandum BoJo! But, right now, at least, Downing Street looks like a distant prospect.

Originally published at http://www.cityam.com/272272/boris-johnson-next-prime-minister


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I teach politics at Queen Mary University of London.
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