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‘Theresa May and the Conservative Will to Power’, New York Times,12 December 2018.

So Prime Minister Theresa May lives to fight another day. She won Wednesday’s vote of no confidence: 200 members of her party stood by her; 117 did not. Indeed, under the Conservative Party’s rules, it will be another year before her … Continue reading

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‘Don’t underestimate Rees-Mogg’s ‘phantom army’ of Brexit fanatics’, Guardian, 21 November 2018

Blackmail,” as countless on-screen villains have observed over the decades, “is such an ugly word.” And, if you want to understand how an ostensibly small group of Tory Euro-fanatics has exercised such a hold over their leaders for so long, … Continue reading

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‘Corbynism is a populism within Labour – but Brexit risks its internal appeal’ (with Jake Watts), LabourList, 20 November 2018

When we think of populism in recent years, we tend to think of the Ukips of the right and the Syrizas of the left. These political forces are united by their binary politics, in which they look out and see … Continue reading

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‘Conservative conference: a party surprisingly united on Brexit, just divided from the rest of the world’, The Conversation, 2 October 2018

In his big speech to the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on Monday, Brexit secretry Dominic Raab urged fellow Tories to “come together”. I’m not sure he needed to bother. Here in Birmingham the issue’s already one big circle jerk. After all, … Continue reading


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‘Online or offline? A look at the activism of Labour members’, LabourList, 21 September, 2018

As the last general election showed, when it comes to campaigning, boots on the ground can sometimes beat cash in the bank. Labour’s huge advantage over the Tories in terms of membership must surely have counted for something in close … Continue reading

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