About me

I teach politics at Queen Mary, University of London, specializing in British and European electoral and party politics.  I also write stuff for newspapers like the Financial Times, the Guardian, and the Telegraph, and occasionally pop up on radio and television talking about politics.  I tweet @ProfTimBale.

This site essentially collects together in one place the various blog-posts and articles I do for other sites, beginning 18 July 2013. For anything before 18 July 2013, I guess, you will – unless I’ve had time to put it on the ‘Older posts in other places page’ – probably have to search the web.  Can’t imagine that anyone will be that keen, though….

If you like what you see, you can follow and maybe suggest others do.  You could even take a look at some of my books.  The latest one (well, it’s out in March 2023) is called The Conservative Party after Brexit: Turmoil and Transformation.


1 Response to About me

  1. Geoff Blackmore says:

    Great to read your posts and blogs. Your comments on Tory home page i found enlightening as it gave a view similar to my own about why Brexit MeansBrexit. Since my initial research for my MA Europol at Sussex in 2007 Referendum showed how conservative organisations could not agree with the Brexit identity within them. I.e CofE communicants and Archbishops Council Policies of a pro European sgenda.

    Germany is still going through these issues in a manner which is driving the Christian rightwing communities further away from the CDU which may partially explain the fall in support for Chancellor Merkle.

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